Fourth Week of Advent

Theme: The Coming Of The Promised Messiah

Weekly Prayer:

Lord, we have been waiting

We have been trying

Maybe not always our best

Really not as much

As we would like to think

But we mean well

We are anxious

We are eager

We know what comes

Is extraordinary

Beyond words


The words we do have

Paint an incredible picture

Wonderful Counselor

Mighty God, Everlasting Father

Prince of Peace


We wait for the Messiah

Your Messiah – promised long ago

Our Messiah – the one

We desperately need

He’s close

Help us finish well.


Daily Scripture Readings

4th Week of Advent

Sunday: Isaiah 11:1-10

Monday: Zephaniah 3:14-17

Tuesday: Matthew 1:18-25

Wednesday: Luke 2:8-20

Thursday: Matthew 4:14-16

Friday: Isaiah 2:1-5

Saturday: Luke 2:25-33