“Everyday – Ordinary/Sacred” by Rev. Blaine R. Wenger

“Unexpected Care Package”

I remember a late-night show, years ago, “The Arsenio Hall Show,” starring Arsenio Hall.  He was a comedian / actor.  During his monologues he would often do a bit, “Things that make you go hmmm…” And he would stroke his chin between his fingers in a “thoughtful way.”  He would raise questions and ideas that were so evident and obvious, that people took for granted, or barely noticed, that really were a bit odd, or should have caused some kind of reaction.

I have been writing a weekly column for years.  It struck me, the other day, out of the blue that my purpose in these columns is to help people see God things in their everyday lives, or to try to help people connect their everyday lives to God.  I’m hoping for something between “Things that make you go hmmm…” and “I see what you did there God.”  So, with this thought solidified in my mind, I changed the name of my column from “Thinking Out Loud,” to “Everyday – Ordinary / Sacred.”  That might seem a bit cumbersome, or awkward at first, but it seems to me, when we are going about our everyday ordinary routine, and we suddenly get an insight, a glimpse of the sacred mixed in, it can cause people to “stumble,” a little bit.  Too many people want to keep their everyday ordinary lives, and the “God part” separate.  The truth is, God is a part of it all.  So, we should look for God in all.  I hope you get the idea.  I just thought it might be useful to share that little bit with you.

So, with this in mind, I had a little God sighting this week.  A couple times, I have noticed a hummingbird hovering and feeding on planters on our deck.  That might not seem like much to you.  But, for me, it was a positive little sign.  This week has had its share of worries and stresses, concerns for others and things to do. That little hummingbird, felt like a sign to me.  Jesus teaches in Matthew 6 that we should not worry, God takes care of the birds and the flowers.  And right there it was – plain as it could be. The hummingbird was caring for the flowers. The flowers in return gave care back to the hummingbird.  And I’m worried about all kinds of stuff that for the most part, I can’t do anything about.

What a powerful, and timely reminder.  And, on top of that – another lesson.  You see, for months, we had been trying to attract hummingbirds around the deck, with a special feeder.  Bonnie got me a really nice hummingbird feeder for my birthday back in the winter.  We set it up.  It seemed to be optimal conditions.  The problem – we never saw a hummingbird.  All that the feeder did was attract insects and eventually start to look like a science experiment when we would forget about it for a few days.  After a while, I took it down.  Now, weeks later, right where we wanted to see hummingbirds, there they were, without the feeder.  They came the good-old-fashioned way.  Lesson to me: there are wonders all around to behold.  Sometimes we shouldn’t try so hard; but be patient and keep looking. 

Where have you seen or felt God’s presence this week?  What might God be trying to show you, if you have eyes to see? 

Grace, Mercy, and Peace,

Pastor Blaine