by Rev. Blaine R. Wenger

Taking Time For The Big Stuff And The Little Stuff”

If you know me, you know that the last few months have been busier than normal. A pastor’s schedule can be a bit chaotic. Often, when you think you might have a moment to breathe, something pops up. That is always there, but recently, we had some really big family celebrations and moments. You want to be able to really appreciate every bit of those. Bu all the regular stuff, and whatever pops up, still needs attention. Honestly, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed a good deal of the time.

Now, as a pastor, I am familiar with the idea that one should take time for God, every day, no matter what is going on. The best way to be sure of that, in my opinion, is to start out the day with God, and hopefully check in from time to time throughout the day. So, I make it a practice to begin my day with devotions, prayer, Bible, and journaling. Truth be told though, the busier I would get, or feel, the shorter that time seemed to get. Where that showed up the most was in the prayers. The busier I was, the fewer the prayers. I would pray for the “big stuff” and get into my day. Then, one day, I was feeling extra pushed and completely unplanned, I began channeling that into my journaling time. I was writing pages of all that was on my mind and my heart, in great detail. Not just the big stuff, but every little thing that was floating in my brain or that I was juggling or watching in some way. It didn’t take long to realize; I was praying as I was journaling. I was talking to God; really pouring my heart out. What was abundantly obvious, was it felt good. I was busier than ever. But it was taking more time. And I wasn’t limiting myself to just what seemed significant. I was giving it all to God.

I started the next couple of days, during my prayer time, to just list out everything. I was thinking of the people in my life. I was looking at my calendar. I was looking at my “to do” list. It didn’t matter how small the matter might be. If it was to be a part of my day or my week, I started praying that. Not everything has been answered the way that I want; but the simple act of praying for all of my day has taken away a measure of worry in many instances. Not to say I never worry, or stress. I still do. But I think it is less.

I don’t imagine that what I am writing here is really new, or novel, but I am betting that there are more than a few that haven’t considered this before, or that need a reminder.

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares for you.”  (I Peter 5:7 NLT)

Grace, Mercy, and Peace,
Pastor Blaine