Everyday – Ordinary/Sacred”
by Rev. Blaine R. Wenger


Today, as I write, it is the first day of fall. For some, that is a sad thing. First day of spring, first day of summer; for many has the feel of things are looking up, of new life, of growth. Fall, on the other hand, feels like we are headed in a downward direction. It is going to get colder and darker. For some, it IS a season to look forward to. Personally, I prefer those cooler temperatures. And there are activities and festivities that come with the fall. Today, found me, doing a lot of “usual” things for a Thursday. But Bonnie had a day off school and was attending to some things around the house. Among those tasks, she was moving some potted plants indoors. These plants have thrived for the last couple months outside (with a lot of watering), but soon, they won’t be able to make it as temperatures drop.

I have written before about new beginnings. There are times when we naturally think about new beginnings, among them the beginning of the year, the beginning of seasons, the beginning of school, etc. Really, every day gives us the opportunity for a new beginning, and we should never forget that. When you find yourself in need of change, when things aren’t right, start new, start fresh as soon as you can. Don’t wait for some “special moment” or occasion. I’m not going to dwell on that again – at least not now.

But something did come to my mind today about new seasons that made me think; and I want to share. It came to mind because of those potted plants. Finding yourself in need of a fresh start, needing to make a change, doesn’t necessarily mean a complete overhaul. I wonder if, deep down, many who KNOW that they NEED to change, don’t take the steps that they need to, because they feel overwhelmed at the prospect of changing everything; when, in reality, they only need to change something. Even if you know that you need to change something in your life, there is a good chance, that some things are working fine; that they are in fact, good. Just like Bonnie brought in some potted plants, from the summer, into the house, for fall; you and I moving from one season to the next in life, may have things to bring forward, from one season to the next.

As you spend time in prayer or study or see or hear something that convicts you of the need to change, spend some time to be specific. What is it that you need to change to begin a new season?  What is it specifically? And what is working? Will any of what is working, get in the way of what you need and want to change? The clearer you can be, the more open and honest you can be with yourself; the better chance you have to be successful, to see fruit from your efforts. For some, change, any change, will still seem overwhelming. But remember, as you are moved, deep down, to seek better, truer things in your life, especially when you are moved by faith, God is faithful. All who believe, have the Holy Spirit to guide. And God means for you to be blessed.

It is fall. Aside from your wardrobe, what else needs changed? And at the same time, what is worth preserving? What do you want to bring with you in this new season. Your best future will include both.

Grace, Mercy, and Peace,

Pastor Blaine