Ruhl's Family christmas 2020


    We are hoping to decorate the Christmas tree with homemade ornaments from as many families as possible. Please encourage your kids to participate. For those who do not have materials to make an ornament, we have some wooden ones that can be painted with markers, decorated in any way you wish complete with a tie for hanging on the  tree. They are available for you to pick up at the church during office hours or we will deliver to you. This would be a great way to get your kids involved. Call us at 717-665-3400.

    Snowman & Reindeer

    Contributed by Mary Martin

    Made from our wooden ornaments

    Merry Christmas

    Contributed by Joyce Kamm

    Made from our wooden ornaments

    Happy Birthday Jesus

    Contributed by Wayne & Suzy Achey

    Happy Jesus' Birthday!

    Indescribable JOY! The King of Kings & Lord of Lords has come to be our Savior!


    Contributed by the Browns

    John, Ginny, Rachel, Aiden, Katelyn, James, Cheyenne, Austin


    Contributed by Sandy Phillips
    Made in Bangladesh - Reminds us to follow the light to find our Savior!

    Sewing notions ornament

    Contributed by Sandy Phillips

    Dedicated to all those who sew to the Glory of God!

    Nancy, Ruth, Suzy and many, many more.

    tree with bows ornament

    Contributed by Sandy Phillips

    From Ten Thousand Villages, "The Tree and Gifts". Two beloved traditions symbolic of Christmas.

    Triangular Shape - Represents Trinity

    Evergreen - Represents hope, new life, everlasting life

    Gifts - Represents wisemen and God's greatest gift to us


    Contributed by Susan Tucker

    This ornament reminds me that angels were a part of the first coming of Jesus Christ.

    I made this one an others like it many years ago. -Susan

    snowflake ornament

    Contributed by Linda and Rodger Brown

    This snowflake reminds us how God takes a speck of dust and turns it into a thing of beauty....each one unique. He does the same with each of us, making us a creation of beauty....each of us unique. - Christmas 2020


    Contributed by

    Joan and Larry Groff

    pretending it's christmas in july!

    Contributed by Dennis and Bev Snavely

    Prince of peace ornment

    Contributed by Bruce, Kris and Josh Gray